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When you go with Vision Apps, you get a personal representative who manages the design, software, and analysis for your specific app.

Without templates, we truly offer a unique and seamless experience through all the stress of design, development and production.

A unique asset of our business is that a lot of our team is relatively young, late high school and college students, so our design team will know what is in style and our development team always uses the newest technology.

Why Vision Apps?

Newest Technology

We always use the newest technology in iOS, Android, and web. If your app requires it, we'll even work with Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Android Wear.

Marketing Materials

We create beautiful artwork to display your apps on physical banners, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even custom HTML blocks to embed in your website.

Generous Pricing

Even though we offer best in class technology, our pricing is very reserved. Though the flat fee and annual rates will vary, a general school app will be around $899. For specific details on pricing, you can email us below under 'request a quote'.

Built in Database

Most development companies create a database for posting and analytics online, but we build ours right into the app. This could allow, for example, teachers to post messages to the students and parents right from their phones.

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